The International Stock Dog Registry is an alternative registry for a variety of purebred and crossbred stock dog breeds.. We are excited to offer registration opportunities for Miniature Australian Cattle Dogs/Heelers, Cowboy Corgis, Augies and Texas Heelers as well as Australian Cattle Dogs/Heelers, Australian Shepherds in all three sizes, Pembroke and Cardigan Corgis and Catahoulas. Register your dogs and puppies through our on line registry form, advertise your dogs and puppies or find your next best friend in our breeders classified ads. 


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Augie Australian Cattle Dog / Heeler Miniature Australian Cattle Dog / Miniature Heeler Australian Kelpie Australian Shepherd

Minature Australian Shepherd Border Collie Border Heeler Borgi

Catahoula Cardigan Welsh Corgi Cowboy CorgiWelsh Pembroke CorgiTexas Heeler

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Are you ready to register your stock dog or your stock dog puppy with the International Stock Dog Registry?

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